Do Not Disturb

Last Update: Friday 11th September, 2015

These irresistibly hot hotel stories, compiled by Rachel Kramer Bussel, will make you want to pack your bags and begin your next sensual adventure. At a hotel, exhibitionists linger in the windows, strangers exchange glances in the lobby, and long-term couples rendezvous for a special night-or hour-of their own. "G is for Gypsy," by Maxim Jakubowski, shares the kinky secret sex life of a business traveler, and Lisabet Sarai offers a spanking-good BDSM story in "Reunion," while Teresa Noelle Robert's "Tropical Grotto, Winter Storm" shows the proper use of a hotel pool. From business suites and luxurious resorts to love hotels and seedy no-tell motels, Do Not Disturb delivers a delicious array of hotel hook-ups where it seems like anything can happen-and quite often does.

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