My Sex Quest XXX Version - Lite

Last Update: Friday 11th September, 2015

Explore your ultimate Sex Quest and enhance your sex life with countless possibilities.

Contains a link to our XXX gallery depicting those items on My Sex Quest.

Now with Full Functionality. Create some inspiration for you and your lover.

Mundane sex is a thing of the past with MY SEX QUEST created to help singles and couples explore ways to invigorate a boring sex life, in a fun and educational way. By providing tips and advice in specific areas, the main aim is to help provide some sexy inspiration.

The comprehensive list offers an amazing selection of different opportunities for you to "sexplore". Discover more about Foreplay, Sexy Wear, Vanilla Sex, Role-play, Sex places, Anal Play, Kinky Sex, Bondage, Sex Toy Advice plus much more, there is something that is sure to grab your interest in this sex app.

*** Please Note this app is intended for those aged 18+ ***

My Sex Quest contains a magnitude of possible sexual activities and enables you to explore your sensual and erotic side. As a couple you can explore your sexual fantasies together. As a single, tick off those sex acts that you have completed and work to complete more of "My Sex Quest" with a partner with similar sexual interests. Use My Sex Quest as your inspiration and you will never be left searching for things to do in the bedroom or anywhere for that matter.

You will find that almost everything is possible for couples around the globe. With a check list that will make your pulse race just thinking of all the possibilities. Just relax and use the sex app as your sex bucket list, your inspiration and enjoy the erotic possibilities for many months, if not years to come.

Set the scene, share your favorite sexy times and communicate all of your sexual wish list together. Features:

Discreet Icon > MSQ (No one needs to know what your app is)

Privacy > Create a unique password for security and privacy.

Sex Bucket List > one of the world's most comprehensive and fun sexy lists.

Organized Categories > from soft to hard and arouse your sexual desire.

Classify > define your classification on each and every task and activity with: • Yes (green) • Maybe (Yellow) • No (Red) • Favorite • Priority • Completed • Completed as a couple

My List > create your own items to share with you and your partner be imaginative and naughty as you want.

Delete from the List > Don't Like something just delete it.

Random > let the app help you decide what to do next.

Stats > showing percentages complete allows you to keep track of progress, your aim is to reach 100% if you wish!

Read More > we have included a quick link to our blog to give you more details on many of the subjects.

Shop > explore the possibilities with our shop and discover the opportunities to make your sex life more interesting with ease.

Gallery > check out our fun galleries to inspire you even more.

Competition > Fun competitions to allow you to enjoy more on my sex quest.

Wish List > perhaps you would like to create a wish list and share it with your partner. Sexy things for sexy good times.

My Sex Quest is a user friendly app designed to bring back the spark in your sex life tonight. It gives you the foundation to communicate your desires and fantasies without the drama. It is about creating a way to break the ice and discuss a very important and loving part of a relationship, sex and romance.

For optimum performance internet access is recommended. We have put countless hours into this application and hope you enjoy it.

If you have any suggestions, questions or feedback, please feel free to contact us. We aim to make this app something that everyone interested in enhancing their sex life can use. We would love to make it the best so your feedback is most welcome.

If you would like the Advertisement Free Version do check out our Great Value Premium version of My Sex Quest. The Love Compatibility App that goes further and deeper into your sensual and erotic side. Not a Snap Chat or a Whatsapp this is a sex app.

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