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Hookapp is a state of the art gay dating app for desktop, tablet and mobile phone. Hookapp has features not available on any other app. Please see our features (hyperlink) for details of Hookapps powerful capabilities. Hookapp is the next generation of dating app. Try us and you'll see how dating apps should be done! Have fun and Hookapp!

How it works

Hookapp is designed in 3 different versions:

Web App (responsive website) for desktop, tablet and mobile devices. Our Web App version is uncensored. On your device's browser (Safari, Chrome, Internet Explorer, Firefox and etc) go to: www.hookapp.xxx follow the instruction prompts to install on your device. Hookapp's Web App version uses cutting edge responsive design that automatically scales Hookapp to fit your devices screen size.

iOS app for iPhone, iPad and iPod: Go to Apple App Store and search for Hookapp. Click to download and install.

Android App for Android devices: Go to the Mikandi Adult App Store at www.mikandi.com search for Hookapp then click to download and install.

Hookapp is FREE to use however premium features of the app will require a registration and subscription after our "premiums services for everyone" launch promotion period ends.


Hookapp uses GEO location services in conjunction with the most powerful filter options to enable our users to find who they are looking for as close to them as possible.

Hookapp has 2 filter tools that can work independently or together: Filter and View.

Filter is used when you want to hone in on specific statistics of an individual such as age and ethnicity for example. Our filter tool has lots of adjustable criteria options that will empower you to really find who you're into. The filter is controlled by you and you can turn it on or off at anytime.

Our View tool is our generic filter tool that enables our users to quickly define what types of profiles they want to see on the home screen. For example if you only want to see your Favourites and Travelers then you can switch the button on for these profile groups. The profile groups you have switched on will be displayed on your home screen.

Hookapp uniquely has different types of profiles indicated by icons with different border colours. Here are the profiles explained:

(Add the 5 colour icons ie member, escort, masseur, porn star and traveler example of each home page icon type of profile)

Hookapp profiles can contain both photos and videos. In My Profile tool you can upload up to 8 photos and up to 4, 30 second videos. You can choose whether you want your photos and videos to be displayed on your profile publically or privately. Private photos will require you to unlock them once an unlock request has been sent to you from another user.

Hookapp works both in the present and in the future. Hookapp also has the ability to put you where you want to be. You can change your GEO location at any time in the Location tool. For example: you are going to New York next weekend. In the Location tool select the place in the world you want to be on the Map (New York) and set the time you want to be there in the Time option.

Traveler profiles are indicated by a green border. You can create your own traveler profiles by clicking Create Traveler Profile in the Traveler Profile tool. Just enter the location that you are traveling to and the dates that you will be there. When a user is in that location or searches in that location they will see your traveler profile (with a green border). Traveler profiles can be created up to 3 months in advance of your trip and expire on the date you have set to arrive.

Stealth mode can be activated if you don't want to display your profile publically. You can search other users and chat to them however other users will not be able to see your profile on their home screen and your profile will not come up in any searches.

Hookapp's Chat tool is a powerful textual communication tool. You can instant message other users, send photos, send videos, share your GEO location or send your address. Additional options are available for our professional profiles such as Call, SMS and Email. Hookapp Chat empowers you to easily communicate and share information when you choose to both quickly and efficiently. Most importantly, Hookapp users can rest assured that all textual chat messages between users and private information is encrypted by SSL (banking standard) encryption technology and stored on SSL secure servers. Hookapp will never disclose private addresses, phone numbers or email addresses to any 3rd party company ever!

Our members

Hookapp uniquely has 5 different types of profiles indicated by icons with different border colours.

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Hookapp is a social dating network for all gay men who want to utilise a service that is extremely sexy and uncut. Hookapp is the ultimate sexy application with X-rated photos available directly after log in.

Hookapp is the first gay social dating smartphone, tablet and desktop application that integrates adult hook up dating including escort, masseur and porn star profiles with built into app streaming porn content. Hookapp has colour coded profiles for easy identification and powerful filters so you can find exactly who and what you are after. No application until now has had full integration of all these adult features in one service.

Hookapp's responsive website (www.hookapp.xxx) works seamlessly across both desktop and mobile (or tablet) browsers automatically adjusting to perfectly fit your devices' screen size. There is no censorship when using the Hookapp website (www.hookapp.xxx) or our Android app downloadable from the Android MiKandi Store. The Apple iOS version is censored but you can jump between the iOS native app and our website to make the best use of Hookapp on apple devices.

Hookapp uses advanced mobile technologies including Geo location, advanced search (including time search: present or future) and SMS (mobile phone billing) payment solutions.

Escorts and masseurs are able to advertise, and porn stars and their associated production companies benefit through Hookapp's split revenue porn streaming and porn star chat services. Porn star profiles will stream porn to members who wish to "follow" their favourite porn stars and members who wish to "chat" to their favourite porn star can do so via Hookapp's instant messaging system.

Hookapp is donating 1% plus VAT of profits to the charity Terrence Higgins Trust (THT). THT and Hookapp have formed an association to provide health care messages through Hookapp to encourage health check-ups, promote safer sex and more.

Hookapp has a unique iOS and Android app navigation design, that is as intuitive as it is beautiful. Just wait until you see how easy it is to use and how pretty it looks too.

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