Trials in Tainted Space

Last Update: Tuesday 9th January, 2018

Trials in Tainted Space is an erotic, ultimately customizable, textual adventure game. This game is designed for tablet play. This game requires Adobe Air in order to be played. This game is currently in development and should be considered a work in progress.

It's a game as much about changing your character and those you meet as it is about exploration and adventure. You play as personalized character bent on making his or her fortune among the stars, starting out with only the ship left behind by a deceased father. From there, you plunder the mysteries of the universe... particularly if they're curvy, well hung, or both. It's about discovering the exotic and the erotic.

Trials in Tainted Space currently has a space station and two planets fully developed, three starting races, one timed dungeon, and hundreds upon hundreds of pages of titillating text.

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"The game itself is awesome - however, even the free public version on its website is more up to date than this one. "

1 out of 5

Saturday 6th January, 2018

"It may not have animation. However this is by far the best game on here. Sci Fi setting, basically every option or idea involving sex ever created. plus, it's all in your imagination. the possibilities are endless. 2 thumbs up. can't wait for updates"

5 out of 5

Saturday 29th April, 2017

"Porn rpg? hell yes. sci fi setting? all the better. full character customization and still handing out updates? best thing I've spent my money on since college"

5 out of 5

Sunday 12th March, 2017

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