Izumi' Sexy 3D Hentai Valentine

Last Update: Thursday 19th April, 2018

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Enjoy a memorable Valentine's Day date with your cute, sexy and hot virtual girlfriend Izumi!

This is a true REAL-TIME 3D App, not just a set of 3D pictures. True 3D model! And free download!

WARNING: This app contains In-App Purchases. When the app starts YOU NEED INTERNET CONNECTION in order to verify your purcharses. Log in to Mikandi is needed only to verify your purchases, you can skip it if you want.


  • Amazing colorful Live Wallpaper.
  • The best customizable Anime / Manga Girl (outfit, hair style, outfit colors, hair color, skin color, eye color, lip color, nail color,...)
  • Up to 15 sexy poses; a carnival of passion!
  • Interactive camera and boobs (touch Izumi's boobs with your fingers!).
  • Customizable anime style background.
  • Customizable cup size (from small to very generous boob size).
  • Cartoon / Toon shading (anime look) and BRDF shading.
  • Real-time physics engine for natural breasts and ponytail moves.
  • Several post production effects: lens filter, desaturate, black and white, sepia, color grad, color grad 2, motion blur, depth of field, glow, posterize, contrast, saturate, gamma correction, negative, dilation, erosion, outline and outline 2.
  • Randomizable settings.
  • Music.
  • VR mode (no Gyro needed!)
  • And a nice ass. :)

Release your lust and love with this fun toy. Dress up famous Izumi with fantastic delicate dresses in her nice pink room or other fantasy backgrounds.

This is the ultimate and most exquisite 3D Anime LWP; let Izumi be your phone's LWP and she will be always with you in your pocket. Let she be your princess! Your queen!

UPDATES: v1.30 - VR Mode (no Gyro needed!) v1.27 - another crash bugfix v1.26 - crash bugfix + gui bugfix v1.25 - crash bugfix + new hair model! v1.21 - Crash report system, fixed problem with Mikandi IAP v1.16 - Improved feedback when purchase fails v1.15 - Support for newest Mikandi IAP system v1.11 - Improved hair 4 model v1.10 - Added bra only model v1.06 - Fixed problem with stockings and nude model. v1.05 - Added genitals to nude model.

ANDROID PERMISSIONS: - INTERNET: used for checking purchases. - ACCESSNETWORKSTATE: used to warn user if no Internet connection is found; app will crash if you login without Internet connection. - READLOGS: used for crash report system. - WRITEEXTERNAL_STORAGE: used for crash report system (crash report needs to be stored in your external storage system to allow your email app to read it so you can send it to us).

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5 out of 5

Friday 8th February, 2019


5 out of 5

Tuesday 24th July, 2018

"useless unless you pay"

1 out of 5

Thursday 19th July, 2018

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