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Squirt Alert! Save Female Ejaculation

Last Update: Friday 11th September, 2015

We made this game in 2 days after hearing about the recent UK ban on female ejaculation and other types of porn content, especially femdom. It's super simple, but we wanted to get our point across fast. We appreciate all your comments and if there's enough people who like the potential of the game, let us know and we can think about making it more awesome. :)


Dark times are coming. THE UK was the first to fall. Who will save us?

The year is 2014. THE UK has gone into disarray after the BBFC (British Board of Film Classification) ruling bans and effectively declares war on female ejaculation, spanking, facesitting, femdom and generally many of the world's favorite kinks.*

It's up to you to fight the madness.

Save Female Ejaculation. Save the world.

"Obscenity is whatever gives the judge an erection."

*This is based on a true story.

Of course, this isn't the first time that an organization of power in a leading country decided to tell their citizens what is sexually normal. The terms in this specific ban are pretty ridiculous to say the least and outright sexist, so we made this game to show how we felt about that. :)

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"porn games android"

5 out of 5

Tuesday 1st January, 2019

"mal juego"

1 out of 5

Monday 3rd December, 2018

"its so funny"

4 out of 5

Thursday 1st March, 2018

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