Lock N' Key - Chastity Game

Last Update: Thursday 19th April, 2018

What's new: Fixed camera bugs

How to use: Lock yourself in chastity. Set up a random timer for a single session or recurring sessions. Put the key in a combination locked box and take a picture of the combination. You will get the picture back only after the time is done!

! Warnings: * Make sure the picture is clear enough, using the preview button, to retrieve the combination. There will be no other way to retrieve it. * If using the recurring sessions mode, make sure to read the combination during the rest period. After the time for the rest is up it will be deleted and there will be no way to retrieve it. * Play with care! Don't do anything stupid or dangerous. I'm not liable for any damages of any kind.

Please send suggestions and report bugs to: valerielacroix133@yahoo.com

If you want me to continue with this project please donate.

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"completely broken. It won't move past the milking setup screen, no matter how many times I reinstall."

1 out of 5

Tuesday 20th December, 2016

"It's a fun little app and i love it constantly reminding me how much time i have left until sweet sweet release"

5 out of 5

Thursday 11th August, 2016

"very nice"

4 out of 5

Tuesday 21st June, 2016

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