Last Update: Thursday 2nd March, 2017

This application allow you to have nice multiple interactions with MIKI CHAN ! Choose between:

  • MIKI HENTAI & FOOTJOB! get a HUGE virtual sex with miki (no human on earth have experience this before GET READY!) .multiple position . doggy . up side down .blow job with facial erection

  • THE KISS GET A VIRTUAL realistic lip kiss with cellphone vibrations very very nice moment ...

  • THE HUG GET HUGE HUGS from miki is very nice

-THE THEATER Watch an exciting trailer in a VIRTUAL THEATER with miki

-OIL MIKI Try to oil miki on a beautiful beach

REQUIREMENTS : VR headset or google cardboard (NEW 11.02.15 virtual button on screen added now no more need bluetooth joystick!) OPTIONAL: Bluetooth keyboard or joystick (IPEGA, MOGA ) for little more interactions

(special thanks to "zenrin co","VIRTET","Nova Shade","tsangwailam","jmeka","scopia","arhilab_srb","Brainbox","LylekGames","Lip1996","nakao","ATOmix","Mihaela Marinela Epuran" and "ilterriorm" and more)

My contents is from royalty free license sites like turbosquid.com, shutterstock.com, cgtrader.com and "unity asset store".

But if you have any problems with what i use in this game please e-mail me first!

More interactions can coming very soon ! Depend of the app success !

Version 4 12.05.15 -More screen button added for more interactions!

version 6 09.20.16 -threesome kiss mode added ! -sleep with 2 girls mode added ! -broken vertex models corrected & more nudity added. -general lights improvements for better model quality .

version 7 10.22.16 -VR DIRECT CONTROL ADDED ( enjoy all the game without taking off your headset! ) -NEW FULL EXPERIENCE ADDED all the experience in 1 ! ( look at the correct vr white square to progress ) -Oil is now more real miki & alice body go tan if you oil her correctly !

-general effects revision !

Version 8 3.2.2017 new FOOT JOB SCENE ADDED Total rebuild of the app with new scene New miki model and more !

BEST VERSION up to date !

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"the new update made it alot better a few changes i dont understand but otherwise then that its improved hope to see more to come "

4 out of 5

Friday 10th March, 2017

"its an ok app i just dont understand why in the xxx part of the app is she in underwear and have what looks like yoks for nipples lol but still not bad please do see about fixing the yok nipples lol makes me hungry... "

2 out of 5

Monday 30th January, 2017

"It's good"

5 out of 5

Friday 25th November, 2016

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