Glory Hole Arcade

Last Update: Thursday 19th April, 2018

This game is a runaway hit on Newgrounds! Play the webversion there or at (Firefox and IE only)

Stroke, suck and swallow your way to orgasmic high scores in this new arcade game from NSFW Games. The naughty, fun and addictive gameplay will keep you laughing and squirting over and over again. Rack up sticky bukkake bonuses and avoid workplace hazards while you service an endless supply of sleazy patrons. If you pleasure them just right you can earn powerupper tips and might even get the mythical solid gold butt plug!

Finally a game that REALLY sucks!

Note regarding older devices: We have tested this game on a wide range of Android devices and it plays great on virtually all of them. On some older tablets the game may be a bit sluggish but is still very playable. If you have any issues with your device please send us a note with the issue and device and we will happily provide a refund!

Updated Nov 10/15 - ver 1.2b - fixed some devices crashing when you switch between this and other apps - this version is Arm7 only though - no Intel devices. If you need an Intel version please email the developer and we will make it happen.

Updated Oct 30/15 - ver 1.2 - ramped difficulty to make the game easier overall - removed clicking on background movement to make it easier to get poweruppers - rats go faster after you click on them
- fixed barbell and butt plug poweruppers (they are on the skull dick) - fixed snakes sometimes messing up your bonus - added more visual effects

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"needs a relax mode without time"

5 out of 5

Wednesday 10th July, 2019

"awesome game... just needs a more relaxed option to get 5 stars... a room with no time and no penalties that wouls be awesome!"

4 out of 5

Monday 14th January, 2019

"One of the better games available of this type. not that I've played many. plain dirty fun!"

5 out of 5

Sunday 3rd June, 2018

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