Last Update: Monday 22nd February, 2016

Featuring Zuzu: The Candy Girl! A delightfully sexy interactive app that features all of Zuzu, The Candy Girl. Zuzu loves piggies, bears, and anything sweet. And Zuzu thinks you are all three! Strip, stroke, fuck and give Zuzu the sweetness she craves. Unlock all of Zuzu's levels, and Zuzu's panties. You control how fast you have sex with Zuzu, without complicated buttons.

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"crashes every time I use it and glitches. my phone has a lot of memory still. don't buy"

1 out of 5

Thursday 4th May, 2017

"I often find porn boring because it lacks personality. a lot of the videos I find, there is no dialogue, no music, just mechanical, businesslike fucking. Enter Zuzu. Stroker@Zuzu is a game where you play a silent guy with a big dick wearing a mask. Okay... At least the girl, Zuzu, is interesting and charismatic as far as porn characters go. the scenes are fully voiced, and Zuzu's VA is quite talented. Her whole deal is she's quite childish, referring to herself in the third person. You might be into that. There's a handful of scenes with a decent variety. The first time you play, you unlock them one at a time, after which you can pick them in any order. in each scene there are 3 speeds, a unique "hold" animation, and a climax, so you have a decent amount of control. the interface is colorful and fits the theme of the game, you can tell thought went into every element. i, for one, would like to see more games like this. "

5 out of 5

Saturday 29th April, 2017

"One of my favorites. Needs anal option!!"

5 out of 5

Friday 28th April, 2017

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