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  • NOTE: You have to be connected to the internet and logged in to MiKandi to be able to choose your outfits! ( we are sorry, this might be fixed by mikandi some time in the future)

Description: BoobRun is a sexy Jump´n´Run hentai game, where it it is up to you to get Boobarella as far as possible in order to beat your local highscore, as well as other players in the global highscore. You don´t only have very big boobs in this hilarious sidescroller game, you do also become an overpowered secret weapon against the horny, ugly aliens with several buffs like the fire buff or the mega boob buff that you can collect. The farther you manage to advance on your run, the more complex and difficult it will become to fight off the increasing number of tentacles and aliens that are chasing and trying to molest you. Lovely graphics, customizable outfits and versatile achievements will ensure you a sexy long-term game experience. Your goal: Survive as long as possible as a hot Boobarella running through a laser-alien invaded japanese city. Gather coins and kill enemies for additional points and break the highscore! Awesome powerups will help your on your mission.

How long can you survive on this unbelievable adventure and withstand the horny alien hordes?

BoobRun key features:

• Amazing Jump'n'Run in a cartoony 2D/3D world • Kill horny sci-fi monsters and wicked tentacles • Gather powerups for more sexy power and points • Customize Boobarella with your favourite outfits and haircolor • Upgrade your buffs and get even better!! • Collect achievements and unveil a lustful picture of naked Boobarella • Receive sexy hentai pictures of the aliens penetrating Boobarella and show them to your friends in your gallery

Free to play, no pay to win!

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"very good game. Luv playing it. "

5 out of 5

Tuesday 13th November, 2018

"buen juego"

5 out of 5

Sunday 11th November, 2018

"really good game love it"

5 out of 5

Thursday 1st November, 2018

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