Switch: Ride the Unicorn

Last Update: Thursday 19th April, 2018

Online Unicorn Riding Lessons inside.

Designed simply for a fun, personalized and playful dirty truth or dare game you play while you share with your lover to indulge in a fantasy. It's designed to slowly warm up each player and navigate the waters of adventure. It's a one time download with no tricks, in app swindles or ads. We hate that. Playable with three or more players for all preferences and combinations. Do yourself a favor: skip the last cocktail, download the app and enjoy one of the finest experiences life has to offer.

The game is a physical and sexual experience that gives suggestions designed to facilitate arousal while bringing friends and lovers closer together.

After you find your players, Switch is the ultimate tool for having fun and keeping your group sex experience light and playful. Use Switch in your first threesome or in your regular party with your favorite lifestyle couples and friends.


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"I previously had a lot of anxiety about how to casually start a threesome with my boyfriend, this app made it fun and easy! "

5 out of 5

Sunday 24th July, 2016

"There isn't alot of variety. It starts to repeat really quickly. Add a lot more options and I'll rate it higher. To many talking options and not enough foreplay to be interesting. I could sadly make a better one in thirty minutes with a randomiser."

1 out of 5

Monday 11th July, 2016

"Better than Truth or Dare!! "

5 out of 5

Wednesday 1st June, 2016

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