Sexologist Teacher (Lessons 21 - 40)

Last Update: Thursday 19th April, 2018

Vagina characters, reverse-boners, and other weird stuff goes on in and outside of Sexologist Teacher's classroom. There's the informative lessons, like "Signs She's Faking It", that will really help you tell the subtle ways a woman is into your sexing or not. Then there's ones like "Reverse-Boner", that take things completely in the opposite direction by saying a guy's meat will pull inward if he sees a woman who's so unattractive, that instead of it growing out to get in her, it goes inside of his body to get further away - just like a turtle's neck! Even different-from-everyday topics are covered, as done in "Tips to Hide Your Boner in Public", and the smelly situation in "Anal Ass-ault".

Requirements: Android 5.1, 5.0, 4.4, or 4.3 50 MB of space

Genre: Comedy Rating: Adult

Comic: 20 Pages Animation: 1 min. 18 sec.

Title of Lessons (in order from 21 to 40)

  1. E.O.F. (Equal Opportunity Fucker)
  2. Why Men Love Pussy So Much
  3. Reverse-Boner
  4. Why Porn And Plot Don't Get Along
  5. Signs She's Faking It
  6. Fucking with Furries
  7. Why Circumcise?
  8. Chubby Chasing
  9. Use A Condom
  10. Friends with Benefits / Fuck Buddies
  11. Penis Size
  12. Ugly People
  13. How to Safely Watch Porn
  14. Flirting
  15. Why Blue is for Boys and Pink is for Girls
  16. Sexomnia - Sex While Sleepwalking
  17. Tips to Hide Your Boner in Public
  18. It's Good She Rejected You
  19. How Pussy Feels (for Virgins Only)
  20. Anal Ass-ault

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