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Last Update: Thursday 19th April, 2018

SlapLab is the first intelligent, versatile and fully customizable BDSM manager for Android. It features a system of linked Locations, Toys, Positions, and Actions, so when it comes to choosing a Location for your Session, SlapLap is automatically aware of the Toys you have available to you and can therefore also intelligently provide you with Positions and Actions for that Location.

Features: • Fully customizable Locations, Toys, Positions, Actions & Rules • Intelligent deduction of available Options in a Session • Multiple Profiles, with specific Regulations, Limits, RED-Words per Profile! • Don't feel like planning yourself? Why not give the randomizer a shot! • PIN Protection to secure your Pictures and Rule breaks • Categories that allow for complex Logic and grouping of Items • Images that can be loaded via Gallery, Camera or even URL • Keeping a Black-Book? SlapLab's got you covered with its Regulations Feature! • Tally sheet and Karma System, that keep track of Mishaps • Rules that succeed and fail during a Session • Variables support that replace Names and Pronouns for the current Profile • Soft- and Hard-Limits to exclude specific Actions per Profile • A Karmagraph to show how good/bad someone has been over Time. • A complete Session history that will let you recall previous Sessions • Timers/Counters for Time/Repetition dependent Actions or Rules • Vibration Notification on the end of a Timer. • Aftercare, to add a Note and a Rating to the Session • An open API Interface for the import and exchange of presets

Variables: $name - Gets replaced with the profile name $subj - Gets replaced with the subj pronoun (He/She/They) $obj - Gets replaced with the obj pronoun (Him/Her/Them) $poss - Gets replaced with the possessive pronoun (His/Her/Their) $num - Gets replaced with the Actionvalue (20s, 5m, 20x, etc.)

Preset API Interface (For Users): • Allows you to browse and download ready-made Items into SlapLab • You need to connect to the API of an external service of your choice. • Please have a look at our FAQ for more Information on this:

Preset API Interface (For Developers): • SlapLab uses an open API Interface to integrate it into external services • Developers can code their own API to communicate with SlapLab • App users can enter your API URL and an API Token to connect with your service! • For more Information and the API Doc, check out our Homepage!

Privacy: • All information is stored in a local database and will not leave your phone! • We only collect non-personal analytics to improve your SlapLap experience!

For more information and news, please visit:

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"hated it"

1 out of 5

Sunday 13th May, 2018

"this is not a game. Its an inventory management software. "

1 out of 5

Tuesday 4th October, 2016

"simply the best"

5 out of 5

Monday 29th August, 2016

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