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Last Update: Friday 20th April, 2018

**THE BEST MASTURBATION APP FOR ANDROID!!!*** Also available on the Google Play store!


✓ Clear timer of when masturbated ✓ Achievements ✓ Leaderboards ✓ Personal stats ✓ Graphical chart ✓ Facebook & Twitter sharing ✓ Vibrator ✓ Available in 10+ languages

Masturbation Calculator is an app that lets you have fun while masturbating. You can keep track of the amount of times you masturbated and earn achievements for it.

Have you ever wondered how many times you have masturbated during a period of time or maybe even your whole life? (Okay not really) But do you ever wish you could keep track of your masturbation records?

Here's how it works, as soon as you masturbated, just tap on the "I just masturbated" button. The app will immediately save your progress.

There are also ACHIEVEMENTS for you to work on, over 50 of them. Do you think you can go over a week without masturbating? Or what about masturbating over a thousand times? Masturbating in different countries? Do you think you can set a record?

Introducing LEADERBOARDS! You can now compare your scores against the the top 10 masturbators! Are you the best in the world? Do you think you have what it takes to become a true MASTERbator? Here is your chance to prove your worthiness!

If you want to see how well you did over the course of a week, tap on the CHARTS button. You will get a clear graphical overview of a chart that shows how often you masturbated in a week. Maybe it's time that you should improve your Thursdays.

There is also FACEBOOK and TWITTER sharing if you are so eager to show off to your friends how well you did on your achievements. Don't worry, you have the option to disable sharing features if you want to keep your stuff private.

Masturbation Calculator will also work great for both men and women.

If you enjoy this app, please consider leaving a helpful review! Thanks :)


Please contact me if you would like to translate for the app.

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"does exactly what is said.. works well!! maybe they could add a section for snapshots to prove you came!"

5 out of 5

Friday 27th July, 2018

"hey. good app like it"

4 out of 5

Sunday 7th January, 2018

"Seems pretty interesting "

4 out of 5

Wednesday 27th December, 2017

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