Novitiate - August 2018 - Free

Last Update: Tuesday 20th November, 2018

Crossover Entertainment Group is proud to bring you Novitiate. A digital mens magazine unlike any other. Oh sure? On the cover we may seem like just another nudy magazine. But once you skim through our pages, you’ll discover... you were right. Ok! All kidding aside folks. What Novitiate can promise you is this. An exciting new way to enjoy a bevy of young beauties. Some interesting story lines. Movie reviews, and much more.

So grab one of our “Free” issues today. Take a gander at what we’re all about. And if you’re not satisfied, then no harm done. But if you’re looking for a little more fun, grab a hold of an xXx edition, and enjoy all we have to offer. Following are some of the key features you’ll find with our August FREE Edition.

  • 1280 X 720 high resolution format
  • Fully interactive interface
  • 4 of our sexiest students give you a taste of what they have for you
  • Stories, news, movie reviews, and more
  • Auto-quit if the wait screen is activated

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