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Last Update: Friday 13th May, 2016

Your excuses for bad sex just ran out! Finally a high quality sex app for Android operating systems, it's the one sex app that has it all. Dr. SexyTime is packed full of unique sex education and entertainment features you won't find anywhere else. Your partner will thank you!

This app is uncensored and does contain nudity. You've been warned.

Dr. SexyTime offers a visual guide to sexual positions that's way sexier than the Kama Sutra (and much more practical), plus a variety of educational, interactive and easy to use utilities that are sure to improve your sex life, literally overnight. Smarter sex is better sex, and Dr. SexyTime can help you be an expert!

Dr. SexyTime is the best sex app available for Android and Apple operating systems. Designed by scientists to be the most educational and helpful guide available to become a better lover. An AppCraver.com "Editor's Pick," and Thrillist.com called it the "...best app ever, by far!" A glowing CNET review concluded "It's like Netflix for lovemaking." Find out what all the buzz is about. Features:

  1. Consult the visual Sex Position Guide to see specific lovemaking positions, and get detailed insights into each, including how to make them more enjoyable and comfortable. Get the most out of sex, because no one is born an expert. To get your partner anticipating the fun, email an image of any position with the touch of a button! You can also choose from a variety of visual characters that illustrate the sex positions, including the ability to download more visual characters through the "Get More SexyTime" in-app purchase feature.

  2. Get countless ideas to improve your sex life provided from a variety of knowledgeable and science based resources. Who said science was boring? Doctor SexyTime designed dozens of specific Homework Assignments for you and your lover to complete, ranging from beginner to sexpert. Each assignment explains why doing it will lead to great sex and improve your relationship with your lover. WARNING: some sexual homework assignments are for advanced players only! We've included a section just for romantic ideas and to get educated on the Science of Sex. See the App User Hints section to get tips on using the best sex app available for iPhone and Android.

  3. Take the guesswork and embarrassment out of suggesting a new position to your partner by using the tools in the Randomizer to generate a surprise playlist. You might even learn a new favorite position. This utility includes several additional quick-launch features.

  4. For those who know what they want, use the Choreographer to create a customized playlist of sex positions and let the app coach you through the fun. Take turns with your partner to creating fun playlists. Don't worry, the app uses sexy verbal instructions, so it's hand-free.

  5. You can also recreate Famous Movie Sex Scenes using the Saved Playlists feature, or save your own favorite sex playlist for later. Visit our Facebook page to suggest your favorite movie sex scene to be added to the app.

Any way you use it, Dr. SexyTime Advanced Sex Guide will offer more ideas, more confidence, and more fun in the bedroom. Be smarter at sex, and be a happier, healthier couple.

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Note: The makers of this app do NOT condone sexual activity other than between safe and consenting adults, and bear no responsibility for how this app is used. SexyTime and Dr. SexyTime are registered trademarks of Calvert Strategies, LLC.

Another note: Dr. SexyTime has been banned in China - we apologize for this inconvenience.

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