Naughty by Nature

Last Update: Friday 11th September, 2015

Make Your Own Erotic Adventure. You choose the fantasy. You decide the outcome.

You decide. Part of the "Make Your Own Erotic Adventures" series. You can choose the taboo path and play different fantasies. And if none of the options are good enough for you, you can create new erotic and exotic fantasy paths. Your own wet dreams may never end. It may come to multiple climaxes. The choice is yours.

How to Use:

Launch the app, read the story, and choose your path. Your position in this adventure is saved, so you may continue at any time. Use the "Start Over" feature to start from the beginning and pick a different path.

Menu Options:

Start Over - Starts the adventure from episode 1. You can select a completely different path.

Find - You can use this functionality to find text that are on the currently displayed page.

Share - Share this adventure with your family and friends. It's more fun when they are playing this game too.

About - See the version and details of this app.

Quit - Shuts down this app completely. Your position in the adventure is saved.

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"broken and unfulfilling storylines"

2 out of 5

Friday 22nd August, 2014

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