Last Update: Friday 11th September, 2015

MobiDEEP brings you close to adult star Sabrina Deep like never before, with a real time GPS function which maps Sabrina's current location and a call function to connect you to her mobile (your provider's rates apply - no hidden/extra costs).

MobiDEEP is a full-optionals, dynamic and interactive app which brings adult performer Sabrina Deep straight into her fans mobile phones. With features such as the pornstar GPS which allows the user to track at any time Miss Deep's location or the untraceable slideshow player which plays Sabrina's videos and images accompanied by a soundtrack chosen by the user or the 3D flipping news gadget to know in real time what Sabrina is up to, MobiDEEP promises to give you more than one reason to remain installed on your mobile phone and to be used and enjoyed each and every day. There is even a function to call Miss Deep's phone and to speak with her.

Never miss a bit of Sabrina Deep anymore, even when you are travelling, and yet keep it private and safe because no traces of your adult activities will be kept on your device.

Equipped with our PMS - Protected Mobile Sex - technology, you ONLY know that the app is on your phone. No traces are left on your device and in order to launch it someone must dial a secret code (that you only know) on the phone dialer. Even adult pictures and videos will remain 100% invisible on your device. Now you can finally install an adult app on your mobile without risking that jealous partners, nosy collegues and other unwanted people find out that you watch porn.


WHAT IS IT? PMS stands for Protecetd Mobile Sex©. It allows you to make the app 100% hidden on your device; nobody will ever know that you watch porn, that you have downloaded porn videos and pictures and that you have shot compromising pictures with your mobile. Videos and pictures handled via MobiDEEP, even pictures shot with your mobile, ARE NOT found by the Media Finder on your device; you can access them only from within MobiDEEP. Thanks to this integrated stealth technology, you can make MobiDEEP 100% invisible on your device keeping it away from the reach of your partner, your working collegues and any unwanted eyes: nobody will ever know that you have adult stuff installed on your mobile phone and nobody will ever be able to find it and access it. Even your calls to Sabrina Deep won't leave a trace on your device. Finally you can watch porn on your mobile without the fear of being caught!

HOW DOES IT WORK? When you first install MobiDEEP on your mobile, the app is visible like any other app. If you want to make it invisible, simply launch MobiDEEP, tap on SETTINGS and then on GO INVISIBLE. Now MobiDEEP is invisible and can't be accessed or launched from the app launcher. To launch MobiDEEP you must open your dialer and dial a secret code, then hitting the call button and MobiDEEP will launch. When you close it, it will still be invisible and it will remain so, until you will go again on SETTINGS and tap on GO VISIBLE.

WHAT'S THE SECRET CODE? The default secret code is: 73337

CAN I CHANGE THE SECRET CODE? Not only: we encourage you to do so. Launch MobiDEEP, tap on SETTINGS, then on CHANGE SECRET CODE and add your own 5 digits secret code. From now on, when you make MobiDEEP invisible you can launch it only dialing your new secret code. You can change your secret code any time you want.

TO FLAGGERS: the app is in no way reading your phone number, contacts etc. Try and know what you talk about before flagging for no reasons, please.

New in Version 1.1

Fixed invisibility settings: now the user can go back to main menu when the app is switched to invisible.

Fixed a connectivity problem which caused the app to crash on some devices when internet connectivity is absent or very slow.

Fixed the in-app "Check Updates" and its related self update system for future updates.

Added a new feature called "All Web Gals" which gives access to all the Sabrina Deep's free video and picture galleries on the Web.

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"if I can get it to work you probably be great"

5 out of 5

Thursday 16th May, 2013


5 out of 5

Saturday 9th February, 2013

"love it"

5 out of 5

Friday 16th November, 2012

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