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Update May 28, 2012

Happy Memorial Day! I added 25 new high quality photos for you to enjoy from my recent photo shoot for

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Tired of shitty apps that don't deliver? Promising full nudity but they never really deliver it?

Me fucking too. That's why I put together this badass app. I'm just like you...yep, I'm plain tired of wasting my time downloading someone's shitty idea of a sexy app that I will try once and probably delete within the first 2 minutes. Even if their shitty app was free... I'd still want to kick the shit out of the bastard that tricked me into thinking he had a good app.

Alright, How would you like to carry with you a sexy cam girl (say it with me slowly) Yes, you can take me everywhere you go on your mobile phone.

Sounds cool! and/or Fuck yeah!!!

That's exactly what I thought you would say.

Check this out, this app lets you do just that and a fuck ton more.

No bullshit, it's absolutely FREE to watch me get completely naked on my LIVE internet webcam. When you buy the app, you can view my webcam charge. You will pay not one cent for a live, full nudity show from ME, AND we can chat during the show. I want to hear what get's you off so I can do exactly what you like.

No, I'm not talking about almost nude, or in my panties. I'm talking about you can see, up close, in full zoom... My vagina, my asshole, my 34D titties, and whatever body parts turn you on LIVE! Yes I'm a cam girl and I know guys love to watch me get naked while chatting with me. I'm funny, silly, goofy, I have a good imagination and personality along with 34D titties and a mesmerizing ass. At least that what they tell me regularly and I tend to agree. :P I play with my vibrators and sometimes I let my boyfriend come over and fuck me live on cam. He's lucky to have me! haha I'm j/k he does a hell of a job showing me off and giving me orgasms all for my cam show. Common show themes are:

-Shower cam (I take long showers and talk directly to you through the cam while soaping up my titties and just generally getting clean.

-Outdoor show (nude flashing with neighbors outside too) -Pool cam (It has gotten warm outside and I love to swim nude)

-Trampoline show (I have a huge trampoline in my back yard and when I think my neighbors aren't looking, I like to bounce around completely naked. It is exciting knowing that I could get caught. ;)

-Oil wrestling or oiled up boobies show (Pretty self explanatory. My flawless white skin looks even better with oil on it!)

I use a high definition webcam and professional lighting so you can see every tiny little detail, up close and personal. Yeah I'm the real deal ladies and gentlemen. :) My goal here is to get you off any...way...I...can. It's kinda my specialty. ;) I love knowing someone just came while I was shaking my booty or oiling up my titties for them. :)

How else can I say this... Simply put, this is the app you've been looking for. I wouldn't attach my name to it if it didn't blow me away when I tried it for the first time. ITS THAT FUCKING GOOD! Sorry if that scared you a little bit. But yeah, you will use this app every day and you will shoot hot loads while you are at work (in the bathroom), on a long commute in your car, at home alone or wherever and whenever you need. Pretty damn cool, right?

You're still not convinced? WTF! :< Damn you are a tough cookie to crack... alright fine.
Just read below, the full list of features in my smoking hot REAL xxx app.

The Real Sex App

Hi there guys and girls. My name is Lilly White and this is my new app. I worked hard to pack in a ton of content that I think you will love. This is my creation. Not just some random girl on the internet that got slapped into an Android app unknowingly. I chose everything you see in my app. My boyfriend finished putting together this app for me on my birthday :) Yeah, he got a big thank you for that! ;)

Ok, I want you to keep in mind that some portions of my app require a flash enabled Android phone or tablet. There are plenty of other items built into the app that do NOT require an internet connection or even flash ability. Features such as the Ear Candy sound files. They are stunning and you can switch between them immediately or let them keep looping. The quality is perfect! I mean, it sounds like I am right there whispering all my naughty thoughts in your ear!

Here are the activities already on my app and I'm always adding more functions:

Ear Candy Sound clips to tease your ears AND jack off to! Now you can take me to the bathroom, have a seat and listen to me whisper in your ear or force you to jack off by doing it my way. Either way, we get to have some 1 on 1 alone time together. I love being a tease and these are the highest possible quality audio files built into the app, so you don't have to download them or wait for them to load. Instant pleasure.

Some of these sound clips are nearly a full minute long AND they automatically loop so you can go totally "hands free." :)

Here are just a few examples that I can promise will get you hard as hell! (unless you are dead, dying, or without a cock!)

-Talking dirty to get you off.wav -Listen to me masturbating.wav -Jerk off instructions part 1 - (JOI) I tell you how to stroke yourself.wav -My real orgasms.wav -Hear me getting off with my Hitachi vibrator (I tend to scream alot when I get off).wav -Listen to me having sex with my boyfriend.wav -Jerk off instructions part 2 - (JOI) I tell you how to stroke yourself.wav

My recording mic is professional quality! I won't waste your time or mine with shitty sounding clips. Only the best!

My Sexy Pics My high resolution sexy photos, regularly updated. These pics are safe(r) for work. Some shots are from my cam shows you might have missed. Some are professional photo shoots. You get to see them first! They are hosted on Flickr and stream automatically for hands free operation or you can pause and zoom in if you need to see more.

My Live Cam I want to make you cum! I like to get on my high definition webcam 4-5 days a week regularly. Usually, during the week I'm playing at night because I have a day job at a law office. Shhh... my boss doesn't know I'm a cam girl / porn star and I'd like to keep it that way lol!

You might ask, well what happens if I don't happen to be online?

Not a problem...

You can still watch dozens of other hot girls stripping for free with this app too. They are just like me and want to play with men and women online. Unlike me, some of these free to watch girls require tips/tokens to really get them going, but yet there are still plenty of girls who don't just sit around waiting for a big tipper to make it rain. We are friendly and fun. We just like to get down and dirty.

Anyway, back to ME! lol
Just the thought of hundreds of people watching me gets me horny. I recently learned how to squirt on cam and lately it has been a big part of my cam show. (Yep, girls can ejaculate too!) Oh, and my boyfriend will sometimes come over and fuck me hard till I orgasm over and over. It's a fucking hot show, and it's just for you when you get this app.

Wanna Play Games? Free XXX sexy flash games such as blackjack, strip poker, strip tease, simulated road head etc. These girls are challenging but with a few clever tricks of your own you can undress them and slide your virtual cock into them or just wiggle their titties to see them bounce.

My FREE Videos Full screen High Quality Videos streamed straight to your smartphone/tablet. I do it all, except anal! Maybe you can come to my live cam show and convince me to try anal sex? I very seriously doubt it but, have at it. ;)

My HD Fetish Clips Now the Fetish Clips are different. Yeah, you won't believe the crazy things my fans ask me to do and record for them! I'm always ready to try something new. ;) These HD Fetish Clips are the highest quality 1080P video clips you can find. I sell these HD fetish clips for as little as $2.99 for a 10 to 15 minute video. If you are into kinky or unusual fetishes, this is just for you. I take care of my feet lovers all the way over to the balloon lovers. Bet you didn't know there was a fetish for that! You will get to see Free previews off all 50+ videos and counting. Some are hot as hell, some will crack you up just because they are absurd. I don't care why you are compelled to watch them. I'm just glad that you like them for any reason!

Examples of my 50+ Clips 4 Sale:

-Lilly White oily POV handjob (instructed)

-Lilly White pops a huge balloon column in socks and workout clothes.wmv

-Lilly White face sitting, doggie and handjob with cum in mouth.wmv (Full Version)

-Lilly White comes home from work to play in the tub with her new toy.wmv

-Lilly White shows off feet in various types of shoes! (part 2)

-Lilly White gives her friend a reverse handjob and makes him shoot his load

You get the idea. These are not the typical repetitive stuff you see on the free porn sites. These are custom made videos broken down into smaller clips so you only purchase the juiciest parts.

My Official Website I'm regularly updating and changing things. Here you can find out my cam schedule for the week and other fine details that my app just didn't have room for. Yes I want to streamline the app as much as possible. The website catches the overrun and is available to you.

Boner Killer! What usually happens when your girlfriend tries to catch you watching porn? You probably scramble as quick as humanly possible to turn off the monitor, phone or tablet, and TRY to hide the evidence, right? But, you still have an Erection! She's going to know you've been beating off to other girls again, isn't she?

Enter Boner Killer!!! Hide that erection instantly!

My boyfriend and I found a hilarious, but frightening pic of what we think could be a man dressed as a woman. It is fucking ugly, no matter what it is. Anyway, I asked my boyfriend to stick it in my app someway, somehow. I said, find a friggin place to put it for just for laughs. Scare your pets or whatever you like to do with it.

So my boyfriend decided to take it a step further and animates the already scary photo and improves it even further by adding flashing colors AND sounds. We soon realized that it was not only funny as hell, but very effective for making a throbbing cock go completely limp in no-time flat!!! Just brilliant.

Here's the rest of the activities we've implemented:

My YouTube Videos My unusual pg-13 video requests. Some straight kinky shit. Could be good for a laugh, or maybe you'll find out that regular sex is good but kinky sex is even more of a thrill.

Twitter Feed Don't have twitter? Don't care to twat or tweet? Now you can see my tweets without signing up for Twitter. I post what I'm doing during my day at work. Sometimes when I get horny at work, I like to get in the bathroom stall and post candid shots just for you. The app auto-updates so you see the new photos as soon as I take them. Oh yeah, Don't forget about Sexy Pic Friday. First thing in the morning, every Friday for the last 3 months, I took a new pic and posted it to my twitter account. Can't beat you free porn stash being updated instantly!

Facebook Status updates, behind the scenes of a cam girl. Plenty to look at. I have fans from all around the globe. They like to share their desires with me for everyone to see.

Learn About Me Just a brief biography. If you don't already know what I'm about, this sums it up.

GPS Locate Lilly Use your phone to virtually GPS locate me. Just a funny gag really.

My Other Sexy Apps No new apps yet, but I have lots of ideas I want to explore.

I'm always adding new content with updates...It only gets better from here. ;) I love to get feedback, so please catch my cam show to let me know what your favorite thing about my app is. Some of you guys are really inventive! I've already had a couple use the sound files to spice up their love life. It can literally sound like you are having a 3-way. Awesome! Another fan said he likes to listen to my sound files with headphones on and rub his cock through his jeans while he's at work. I imagine it helps his day go by a lot faster! Yet another fan likes to use the sexy sound files as a sound board and prank call his friends with my voice. Haha brilliant!

Thanks and I hope you enjoy it as much as I do!


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"Lilly is never live"

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Sunday 16th September, 2012

"Lilly is hot! This is better than the free version because of the sound clips and pics!"

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Sunday 1st July, 2012

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