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Hide My Porn - Ultimate

Last Update: Friday 11th September, 2015

Update Just added a free Adult Chatroom to all of our apps.

Hide My Porn - Ultimate Never get caught again! This is a must have app!

It's simple really. Nobody wants to get caught with porn on their phone or tablet.

Simply install our app and say goodbye to the obvious porn icons and searchable browser history that usually leaves clues about where you've been.


-Disguised icon named "Calculator" -Integrated web browser hides search history -Large buttons for the most popular Free porn sites -Google & Youtube search anonymously -NO BS -No integrated ads

Large, easy to click buttons for these popular sites.

-Google and YouTube search for any other site you are looking for, anonymously and without a visible browser history.

Be sure to leave comments and let us know what other popular sites you would like to see. Enjoy!

Web: Twitter: @xxxappfinder

*This is the No Ads version. Some websites will have ads of their own. We have no control over them.

*Our new app, Adobe Flash Updater can fix some modern smartphones' lack of live streaming Flash ability. Go here to give it a try if you are having trouble seeing video.

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"Not as advertised. You can't hide YOUR porn, just the sites that this directs you to. "

1 out of 5

Tuesday 21st May, 2013

"did have integrated adds, couldn't browse to your own sites"

1 out of 5

Saturday 26th January, 2013

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