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Free Sex Chat

Last Update: Friday 11th September, 2015

Update Adobe Flash Installer included

Free Sex Chat! No BS, just an easy to use chat system that allows users to stay anonymous or login. We're integrating this app within all of our other apps on Mikandi (Nearly 50 and counting). If you've downloaded any of our other apps, you should update them for the latest versions. Your phone's voice recognition lets you easily chat while on the run.

Let us hear from you! Drop us a line, say hello. *For desktop users:

*Our new app, Adobe Flash Updater can fix some modern smartphones' lack of live streaming Flash ability. Go here to give it a try if you are having trouble seeing video. ttp://

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1 out of 5

Monday 12th February, 2018


5 out of 5

Sunday 25th December, 2016

"just takes you to a chat website that isn't formatted for mobile and recommends downloading an app. smh "

1 out of 5

Saturday 11th October, 2014

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