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CouplePlay Ltd

Last Update: Monday 8th August, 2016

Kick off your evening by showing your partner your best sexting.

Over 800 phrases. More coming soon.

Categories of Mild, Naughty and Erotic help you start cool and then warm up the engine.

Share the message and edit it anyway you want before it is sent.

I travel often and sext quite frequently with my wife. I wrote this app to make an intimate moment with my wife even hotter. I hope this app will take your sexting to the next level.

This application is for romantic couples who believe great sex starts before the bedroom.

Coupleplay has a large database of several hundred sexting phrases to get your creative juices going. Today we have several hundred phrases and will have thousands very shortly. Remember to modify, tweek and personalize a sext before it goes out. Make it your own and use Coupleplay to help you take it to the next level.

Just remember, don't sext and drive ;)

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"!!!! "

5 out of 5

Friday 8th April, 2016

"Having fun with wifey with this app. "

5 out of 5

Thursday 6th December, 2012

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