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Last Update: Thursday 13th July, 2017

News - Languages: English - Spanish - Chinese - Japanese 1 - Button complaint inappropriate picture 2 - Button favorites in your profile 3 - User name with link, for monitoring 4 - New programming to open the photos faster 5 - The Zoom is unique. Are you tired of seeing the same porn pictures? Would you like to be the star of your own porn or erotic photos? Do you get turned on being naked in front of others? With IXTAGRAM you can.!! IXTAGRAM is the FIRST 100% AMATEUR SOCIAL PORN NETWORK, where you can: - Take porn pictures from your mobile device or upload from your library. - Hide your facial features with the "INNOVATIVE" and "SIMPLE" image editor (OVAL HIDER) - Immediately upload your pictures with 3G or Wi-Fi, without quantity limits. - Show your e-mail. - Write comments on your photos, or other users. - Meet with others users for casual meetings. - Zomm in all the photos - PHOTO REPORT BUTTON - All photo

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"Too many men vs women. Like 10 to 1. Desperately needs filters. Also main gallery is very slow to load."

1 out of 5

Saturday 2nd July, 2016

"I'll never download this app again I try it now and again just to see if it is working it never dose "

1 out of 5

Friday 5th September, 2014

"failure in log, can't register"

1 out of 5

Friday 6th June, 2014

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