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Last Update: Friday 11th September, 2015

DISCOVER FRIENDS AND HOTTIES YOUR FRIENDS KNOW WHO ARE INTERESTED IN YOU! We've added a new interface, fixed a ton of issues, and added lots of features! + Expand your options: go beyond your Facebook friends by unlocking friends of your friends! Now there is nearly an unlimited number of safe people to date who are connected to your friends! + Find someone who is boyfriend or girlfriend material: now you can say GET DATE if you are interested in more than hooking up!

+ Ready for something faster? You can still GET DOWN with your friends and people they know!

We are the official Bang With Friends app, now known as DOWN. Bang friends you have on Facebook and discover if your friends want to bang you back! The anonymous, simple, fun way to find friends who are interested in you. Join your friends and over 1.7 Million people already using DOWN (formerly Bang With Friends)! Your friends will never know you're interested unless they are too! (Completely private & discreet. We'll connect you to each other once both of you express interest!) HOW IT WORKS: 1. Sign in with Facebook so you can see your friends (don't worry - we NEVER post to your Facebook wall)! 2. Select Your Attractive Friends: We will only show your friends that you're interested if they are too!

3. Once we know you're both down or both ready to date, we'll let you know!

Want to discover if your friends want to bang you? This is the app for you. Don't fall for fake apps pretending to be Bang With Friends - this is the ONLY way to bang your friends secretly! Over 1.7 million people have banged their friends, so what are you waiting for?

2.0.12 + Bugs fixes. 2.0.11 + New daily picks system. + partyDOWN with us and our new events ! 2.0.10 + Bugs fixes. 2.0.9 + Bugs fixes. 2.0.8: + Reduced errors and updated alerts with 300% fewer urges to throw phone against the wall! + Major crash fixes

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"it kicks me out all the time why??"

3 out of 5

Friday 2nd February, 2018

"I love it"

5 out of 5

Tuesday 29th March, 2016

"I Can't Understand This App"

1 out of 5

Sunday 8th November, 2015

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