With 2015 fully underway, we like to think of ourselves as enlightened beings; mature enough to handle the difference between fact and fallacy. In America, the concept of censorship is usually defended in the context of national security, or a minor’s exposure to sexually explicit materials, justifying a squelching of expression in the name of […]

CC BY 2.0  thorntocon

When it comes to erotica and the internet, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed by the sea of options. Whether your hankering is for audio, visual, or literary stimulation, you won’t find a shortage of inspiration (and turnoffs) online. But arguably unlike porn, a lot of worth reading erotic writing requires a bit more digging than […]


The sharing-economy leader AirBnB discovered last year that some of their clients were sharing quite a bit more than kitchens and guest bedrooms. For those of you who missed it, sex parties were thrown in AirBnB rentals and sex workers using other people’s apartments to ply their trade. AirBnB was quick to compensate users who […]