If you’re experiencing poor battery life on your Android, you may be the culprit.  Well, not YOU specifically.  More like your usage choices.  Read on.

From Androinica:

When asked about Android’s weak battery life at the Google Zeitgeist forum, Google co-founder Larry Page said that if anyone is not getting a full day’s worth of battery, there’s “something wrong.” Page then went on to suggest it’s probably user habits and third-party apps causing battery woes. “When there is software running in the background, that just sort of exhausts the battery quickly,” said Page.

Consumers have gotten used to the idea that backing out of an application kills it.  However, Android allows users to run multiple applications simultaneously, which means that unless you actively kill the app, it’s going to be running in the background and draining your battery until you do.

A helpful app feature is an EXIT function that completely closes the app upon exit.  If the apps on your device don’t have this feature, you can also install app killers.  We like Advanced Task Killer on the Android Market.  You can also disable GPS, and change your widget settings so that you’re not getting updates of every happening, headline, tweet, or updated feed.


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