MiKandi is the App Store that Treats You Like An Adult.

installMiKandiIn a mobile world, where adult entertainment is constantly censored and blocked, MiKandi is a reminder that we’re all adults here.

MiKandi offers you a place to share and discover the largest selection of premium adult apps and the best porn apps that truly please, tease and provoke you. We’re not just talking about the hottest content that’s simply optimized for mobile viewing. We’re talking about awesome adults apps that take advantage of cutting edge features that the latest mobile technology has to offer. It’s truly satisfaction on demand anywhere, anytime.

So no more hands tied behind your back (unless you’re into it). No more Big Brother shielding your eyes from the good stuff. And no more ear muffs to shelter you from those dirty four letter words. You are now sitting at the grown-ups table and we’re proudly serving the hottest apps around.

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