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For today’s app review, I dive into DOWN. You may know of DOWN by a different name. A couple of years ago, it made quite a splash when it launched a candid adults-only hook up app called Bang With Friends. It’s had its fair share of opposition. The purtians at Apple took offense to the app’s name, prompting the company to name it BWF. Later, after settling a trademark infringement suit with Zynga, BWF rebranded itself as DOWN. As for us, the MiKandi Adult App Store embraced Bang With Friends from the get-go, refreshingly direct title and all. While Tinder and similar services market themselves as dating apps helping you find true love, DOWN has absolutely no qualms calling it what it is- an app turns friends to fuck buddies. And I that’s why I love DOWN. It takes the shame out of casual sex for those who are into it. If you’re interested in more than sex, you can indicate that you’re looking for a relationship. Founder Colin Hodge stresses that ultimately DOWN is about helping adult be straight forward with their dating life.  downapp

DOWN works tapping into your Facebook friends. I can almost see your index finger hovering over the “Login with Facebook” button. And while I understand your hesitation, connecting to your Facebook account is what makes DOWN tick. You select the friends you’d like to get down with, and if they feel the same way about you, DOWN will open the doors. Everything is anonymous until then. Unless you follow fake accounts, everyone you see is a real live person. Whether you’re looking for sex or something more traditional, DOWN has got you covered.


Download DOWN from the MiKandi Adult App Store (free)



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