I’d like to introduce you to an exciting new free app, Switch. In the age of increasing social media, our need for human contact has only increased. Our desire for personal relationships has become the forefront of many of our personal journeys.

The previous generation gave us two options. Single and free, or married an bound.

But things are changing. True couples are finding the pain and tribulation of infidelity lies in the deceit, not the sexual act. We are realizing that emotional support and a deep human connection is not the reward of sexual frustration.

However, not unlike the teenager trying to have sex in the back of his parents car for the first time, multiple partner sex isn’t easily executed, no matter how much one on one practice you’ve had. So often, the experience after you’ve met other interested people, talked and made decisions about your desires and intentions, and locked the door; everyone is just standing there, feelings of socially injected anxiety, negativity, and fear flood in.

Where do I begin? What do I do now? Who goes first? Let’s have another drink. And another. This experience was supposed to be fun. What’s the answer?

Switch. An online card game personalized to each specific setting, using names, and sexual preferences to generate a timeline of questions to take the pressure off. Make the experience a true game that will progress at your pace towards a more intense sexual experience.

Switch encourages players to be safe and proceed only when comfortable. Switch identifies couples and generates an atmosphere that focuses your attention on your partner, if you have one. It makes the experience light, playful, and fun, as it should be.

It’s open to all genders, sexualities, and is virtually unlimited in the number of people that can play at a time.

Go ahead, Switch. Ride the Unicorn.