Happy Hump Day! Today’s review is on Hardwood by Smad Studios X. The object of this adult game is to remain hard as long as possible, getting the highest score. Tilt your device left and right to move your penis pistol while tapping to shoot your load at the horny women falling from the sky. If only horny women REALLY fell from the sky, right?

You get three tries, with a cock counter at the top of your screen. The more you play, and collect points, the more power-ups you can buy in the shop. So far I’ve gotten the Cocka-beam and the CumBomb. I’m working on the MultiDick(pretty self-explanatory) so check back for that 🙂 The CumBomb is pretty entertaining, and helps when in sticky situations.

You can also unlock levels using points earned, so that horny women fall from the sky while you’re on a beach. Life goals, obviously.

This game is fun, and simple, while also being challenging enough to keep you occupied for a good while. I really like the tilt-to-move game play, although I will admit it took me a few seconds to figure it out. Tilting makes it feel more interactive than it would otherwise, and keeps your fingers free for shooting as many loads as possible. I hear that each woman that falls(there are three) has a different style, but as of now I cannot confirm.

If you’re a fan of blowing your load, or you just want to be a Master-bater, this is an adult game for you. The art is fun, too.

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