Today’s review is on His and Her, an adult game for couples. Now, it took me a minute while playing to figure out why this game seemed so familiar- it’s loosely based on the slide-pursuit board game, Sorry! The style of play is the extent of similarities, as this sex game is definitely not meant for children. His and Her is surprisingly in-depth, and fully customizable. Meant to be a couples game, take turns entering your names, genders, and your ultimate sexual fantasies.

Players can choose whether they want a short, medium, or long game, normal play, or XXX, and drinking, or non-drinking. With eight action squares per side, players take turns spinning the wheel and carrying out the instructions on the card shown. All action cards can also be edited to your liking, deleted, or replaced with an action of your choice, pretty cool.

If you play as is, be prepared for a plethora of naughty sexual acts, ranging from removal of clothing, to taking shots and rubbing cock, to full on intercourse, yes please! The first player to reach the finish gets to act out their sexual fantasy with their partner. The nice thing is, you don’t have to wait until the end to play, if you catch my drift. Fun for new couples or those wanting to spice up their sex life.


Download His and Her The Adult Sex Game from the MiKandi Adult App Store (299 Gold)


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