Hi MiKandi fans. Today I’m reviewing Svetlana’s Dressup, yet another home-run app featuring the amazing artwork by Dmitrys. Rated 5 stars by fans, this is a simple, yet titillating adult game perfect for your leisurely moments. Svetlana is highly popular in the Futanari world, and Dmitrys and OxytocinY bring this sexy horsegirl right to your fingertips.

Easily one of the most user-friendly apps in the MiKandi App Store, you can learn some fun facts about Svetlana (for those that are new around here) or get straight to her dressing room. I can’t even imagine how many variations of dress are available, more than I can count, anyway. Svetlana comes with accessories galore; nipple rings, bras, panties, cock sheaths and even a broken condom. Like spikes? She has tons.

Svetlana is gorgeous, with an insanely nice body and a cute, fluffy horse tail. I just want to pet her, but she looks like she’d knock me the fuck out. You’re probably better off petting yourself after playing dress up. Just a thought. My favorite feature is probably the randomize button. I much prefer seeing the different combinations the app can come up with, they seem much better than mine! You can share your completed looks easily with the camera button. Tweet them to us if you’d like!


Get Svetlana’s Dressup in the MiKandi Adult App Store (299 Gold)



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