Torrid Tales blends mystery and sex in this choose-your-own-adventure visual novel.

A quiet suburban town. A mysterious man in a van. The sudden arrival of space aliens. Throw in a seedy scientific experiment and a plethora of sexy suburbanites and you have Torrid Tales, the latest adult visual novel available on the MiKandi Adult App Store. Early on it’s a little difficult to gauge exactly what direction Torrid Tales will take, but the plot development is unexpected, very interesting, and sexy as hell. I must say, I was very pleasantly surprised given the simple description on the title page. There is much more to this visual novel than meets the eye.

Torrid Tales has a nice mix of humor and mystery.

Not to mention the Gray (as the aliens call themselves) are creepy AF. With the intention of studying humans to gain knowledge of their own origins, the Gray visit Earth. In an attempt to study human behavior, the aliens emit a laser beam, altering the moral compass of the townspeople.

The laser beam appears to make the unsuspecting citizens extremely horny. Great news for us! Without giving away too many spoilers I’ll give a quick highlight of a few features that make Torrid Tales stand out from other apps:

First and foremost, you can save your game. At any time, any scene. This option is often missing from many adult mobile games, making this an even more exciting feature.

Players can choose which story line they want to follow. This is arguably the coolest feature, since you can play through different perspectives and they all relate to each other in interesting ways.

Voyeur Scene

The sex scenes are very nicely done. There’s a nice variety of scene types(Lesbian, cuckold, blowjob etc) and the scenes can be skipped if the content doesn’t strike your fancy. There’s also an “auto play” option that is awesome for hands-free fapping.

Developer JWBNovels promises updates and additions to the game, and players can vote for scenes on the developer’s Patreon page. 

With Torrid Tales being the first app submitted to MiKandi by JWBNovels, I will say I’m very excited to see more from this publisher. The thought put into this sexy, yet funny, visual novel is noteworthy, and is sure to be a hit with MiKandi fans and lovers of visual novels.

MiKandi customers can purchase Torrid Tales on the MiKandi Store for 500 Gold. Already played it? Tweet us and let us know your favorite part of the game!


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