Gentlemen, It’s Time To Get Laid

What would you do if you woke up to a huge sum of money with no idea of where it came from, or who gave it to you? Would you go to the strip club? Buy a Lamborghini? Be a douche canoe with your bros? How about all of the above? In this hilarious new visual novel, Gentlemen, It’s Time To Get Laid, you can do it all and then some. The downside? Your parents are missing.

Gentlemen, It’s Time To Get Laid follows the daily lives of Carlos, Chris, and Conley. Three “bros” who found themselves the recipient of a mysterious, and very large fortune. In order to keep themselves in line, they hold frequent “Bro Meetings” and plan “Bro Challenges” which the player has to navigate successfully. I won’t spoil them for you, but I will say that the challenges are pretty funny and have some great sex scenes.The attention to detail in this visual novel is great. You can chat with the local ladies(among other things), unlock and explore the city, smoke marijuana, get dressed, and even spray cologne in the morning(a bro’s gotta smell nice, am I right?). Unlock abilities and new missions as you progress, but be warned, this is not a short mini-game. It’s at least an hour or two of uninterrupted play time, with lots to do. A very nice feature is the Auto option. Instead of clicking your life away, you can set it to auto and you’ll only need to use your finger when it’s time to choose an action.

The developer, Conley Studios tells us “Right now, you can wear different clothing in the game and spray on cologne. But soon, you’ll be able to watch tv, eat dinner, go on dates with other characters, drive to the locations, maybe even watch porn on your laptop! I want players to feel immersed in this 2D world of sex, money, and power.” So there are some pretty exciting updates to come. We’re definitely looking forward to seeing what Conley Studios comes up with.

Check out Gentlemen, It’s Time To Get Laid, free, on MiKandi!


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