If you’re feeling like you could use some brushing up on your oral and finger techniques before Valentine’s Day, Faster, Harder, Deeper is here to help get your pleasure parts in tip-top shape. This one-of-a-kind app has been a fan-favorite on MiKandi for quite some time now, and we’re excited to announce that it’s back and better than ever!

If you’ve never played Faster, Harder, Deeper, it’s an Indie game in which you use your finger(or tongue, if you’re feeling froggy) to stimulate the genitalia of your choice to completion. Featuring extremely well-done, hand-drawn graphics (seriously, you have to see it to believe the detail) and spot-on voice acting, this app toes the line between making you laugh your ass off and turning you on. 

Faster, Harder, Deeper is wonderfully simple. Just choose your preferred gender(both penis and vagina are available!), decide what level you’d like to play at, and then pick a skin tone. There are four levels, ranging from “soft” to “wicked”, as well as four skin tones. There’s a skin tone for just about everyone, including those with an “Avatar” blue fetish. If you’d like to record your own voice you can do so under the “wicked” option. I did and, unfortunately, my sexy voice wasn’t quite as pleasant as the voice models’. My own sound effects made it seem like the vagina was queefing but, honestly, that made it ten times more hilarious.

So whether you’re in need of a little something to do in private, or something to make your friends laugh, Faster, Harder, Deeper is perfect for both. Get it now on the MiKandi Adult App Store!



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