Getting a quality porn experience wasn’t always so easy.

Back in my day, *shakes fist dramatically* us porn enthusiasts had to watch scrambled soft-core porn on a bunny-eared TV whilst praying to the porn gods our parents wouldn’t come barging in. Remote at the ready in case of adult invasion. Today, I bring you something truly incredible: A high-quality Virtual Reality sex-simulator by the name of Jenny VR. What a time to be alive.

The primary app is designed for use with a virtual reality headset, whether it’s the Google Cardboard or Samsung’s GearVR. Even the simplistic experience of the cardboard doesn’t diminish the apps wow-factor. I took it upon myself to show a few non-adult industry friends what I was looking at through my cardboard cave of wonders. The response? A collective “Whoa”(and a few boners).

Once in Jenny’s world, users have four positions to choose from, as well as four outfits for her to wear(or not wear). The key word here is quality. Jenny herself is very nicely done, with a shapely body and breasts that actually look and bounce like breasts(I’m looking at you, Lara Croft) and the sound effects match perfectly to her actions. While I’ve dabbled in my share of virtual reality games, Jenny VR is the most advanced I’ve seen in the adult pool, which makes me very excited for things to come(cum). One reviewer reports that it’s the “best VR sim for mobile they’ve seen”.

So what about those of us that don’t have fancy-schmancy VR gear? Don’t put your pants on yet, there’s an Android version, no need for cyber-spectacles. Want a test ride before you buy? There’s that too.

So grab your VR headset of choice, get your hands ready, and come meet Jenny. She won’t disappoint. Available now on the MiKandi Adult App Store! 



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