I don’t know if I’ll ever NOT be entertained by a stick figure penis. It’s about the simple things in life, after all, and sometimes less is more. This is definitely the case with John DilDoe, a new endless running lewd game available on the MiKandi Store by Leskography.

You are John DilDoe, a simple penis, and must avoid the twerking asses whilst shooting your seed at the plethora of floating pussies over head. Grab them by the pussy, if you will. The more pussies you catch, the faster Mr. DilDoe runs through his white forest of vaginas and nothingness. In my opinion, I think that as he gains speed, the game becomes easier. The slower he is, the more difficult it is to gauge exactly when you should jump to avoid the asses. When you’re moving so fast, John actually stays in the air a bit longer, making the jumps easier. Because, you know, dick physics and all.

Hilariously simple, but wildly entertaining, this game is a welcome addition for those that think games like Flappy Bird is a little too challenging. While I loved Flappy Bird, the sheer frustration of the game nearly caused meltdowns worldwide. John DilDoe nails the same challenging atmosphere, but in a way that’s not likely to send you on a homicidal rampage.

Addicting, and likely to cause a few laughs= a perfect time-waster. I caught 43 pussies, so if you can beat my score, tweet at @MiKandiStore and let me know.


Get John DilDoe in the MiKandi Adult App Store (25 Gold – that’s only $0.25!)