Christmas is the best holiday ever (if you’re like, twelve). I’m not sure about you folks, but Barbies just don’t do it for me anymore. You know what does? Naughty Christmas apps from MiKandi, because being nice is overrated. Leave the Hatchimals to the kiddos, break out the brandied eggnog, and check out the following sexy adult apps that will make you want to touch your… elf.

Christmas Eve In Metropolis is an adult hidden object game. Use your fingers to pinch, zoom and explore the scene looking for the 10 objects listed at the bottom of your screen. Once you acquire these items, it’s up to you to distribute them to those most in need. Just click and drag from your inventory to the character you want to give it to. Happy hunting!

XXXmas Emojis by Emoji World. Two words y’all: DICK SNOWMEN. There’s also an emoji of condoms hung by the chimney with care, although, I’m not quite sure that’s the best place to put them but you do you boo-boo! Go ahead with your festive self and send Santa’s little helper some delightfully naughty sexts.

But wait, there’s myrrh!

Izumi’ Sexy 3D Hentai Xmas is a fully-customizable live wallpaper from Roujin Studio. Like the other hentai apps in the series this live wallpaper features Izumi’, a customizable anime character. In this app, you can customize her animation, hair color, eye color, camera mode, snow animation, accessories, and more. A little over that Christmas budget? Get the free version here.

Wacky Jack is the perfect app to help you release all that pent-up Christmas tension. Stroke, aim, and fire away at the randomly placed targets and get the high score! Wacky Jack is App Of The Week and 20% of until Friday! We love a good bargain!

I hope you enjoyed this list of Christmas adult apps! If you feel I’ve missed something ho-ho-ho holler at us on Twitter! (I’m sorry, my puns are terrible). From all of us here at MiKandi, we’d like to wish you all a very happy holiday season! Cheers!


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