Get In The Halloween Spirit With These Wicked Sexy Apps and Comics!

Ah, Halloween. The candy is sweet, the parties are naughty, and the women are half-nekkid. Best. Holiday. Ever. No matter what you decide to get into this year, we have something for everyone (over 18).

Once you’re done binge-watching Stranger Things and stuffing your face with Milky Ways (the ONLY acceptable candy bar), check out these naughty Halloween-themed apps and comics:


Khae Chronicles

Khae Chronicles is a humorous story about a futanari sorceress who lives at the edge of the forest. She dabbles in potions and “medicine” making and trades her goods and services for certain… favors. Pages: 15 + cover art.


The Cummoner Series

The Cummoner is a webcomic and comic series about the magical and erotic adventures of young sorceress Vilga and her various companions. Featuring 8 full-color chapters and a bonus episode, The Cummoner has one of the biggest followings on MiKandi.


3D VR Hentai Halloween Live Wallpaper

Amazing anime style colorful Live Wallpaper. 3 Sexy Costumes; Witch, Demon, and Vampire. Highly customizable Anime / Manga Girl (costume, hairstyle, outfit colors, hair color, skin color, eye color, lip color, nail color,…) Up to 16 very hot uncensored poses! Interactive camera and boobs (touch Izumi’s boobs with your fingers!). Customizable cup size (from small to very generous). Cartoon / Toon shading (anime look). Real-time physics engine for natural breasts moves. Advanced post-production effects: glow, outlines, and ambient occlusion (SSAO). Randomizable settings. Sensual music. VR mode (no Gyro needed!) Optional OpenGL ES 3.0 support for better performance, more quality and less memory usage (MRT, depth maps, and compressed textures). And a nice ass. 🙂

Release your lust and love with this fun toy. Dress up famous Izumi with fantasy costumes in her dark lair.


Libra of the Vampire Princess

Libra is a moe love story filled with fun and comedy, wrapped in a Chunibyou style, vampire-battling universe. You play the main character, Shuma Kusanagi, as he struggles to uncover a secret about his birth after being bitten by a two thousand-year-old vampire.
Immerse yourself in a vast world with over 50 hours of gameplay and nearly 1 million Japanese characters (the equivalent of 8 light novels).

Libra of the Vampire Princess is on sale until November 1st on Steam. Get the Steam Key, Adult Patch, and 500 free Gold to spend in MiKandi!


Halloween Anime Run 3D Hentai Special

Try to catch all the clocks, drinks & leeks with Lime the maid and get the highest score possible. The more you progress the more environments you unlock and the less Lime wears! And now for the first time in this new version, Lime can fly and you can unlock mini-games and get wallpapers!

But wait, there’s more post-Halloween fun

If you love these hentai, manga, and lewd games, here is some additional entertainment you’ll enjoy. Let’s keep the sugar high going after Halloween.


CKE18: Japanese Teens, Hentai Tease-Theater Channel

The cutest Japanese girls exploring the extremes of tease.


The Best TL, BL, and Hentai Manga for Android!

Funguild and MiKandi Japan bring you the world’s best TL, BL, and Hentai manga.


New lewd manga from Booklive!

Three new naughty ecchi manga titles from Booklive and brought to you by MiKandi Japan — Three Sisters App I’m Stuck Between a Rock and a Hard Place!

We hope you all have a safe, naughty weekend! If you feel like we missed something, feel free to leave us a comment! Trick or treat!


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