PFC Ventures releases new Pocket Girl Asian Nude!

Ever since the original Pocket Girl Nude was published on MiKandi by PFC Ventures, fans have been eagerly awaiting the day they would have different girls to choose from. That day has come, my friends. With the release of Pocket Girl Asian Nude users can choose from the original, lovable girlfriend, or the new Asian one! I say, why not both?

For those of you that haven’t seen the original, Pocket Girl is pretty self-explanatory. It’s a girlfriend, and you keep her in your pocket(or where ever you keep your device). Think Tamagotchi but with a modern, sexy twist. With her sweet demeanor, sexy outfit, and a multitude of actions, Pocket Girl is a great app for anyone that craves a little digital adult companionship. No strings attached. Just type a command and watch her react to you. It’s simple enough for anyone to enjoy, yet sophisticated enough to provide hours of sexy entertainment. The best part? Digital girlfriends don’t talk back… unless you want them to.

Look at that face, how can you resist that? With a solid 4.8 rating by MiKandi users, Pocket Girl is one of the highest rated apps available on MiKandi and we can certainly see why.

Download the original Pocket Girl or the new Pocket Girl Asian on the MiKandi Adult App Store today!



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