We are tickled to introduce Welcome to Se-rua Academy, an enticing Japanese RPG by Softhouse Seal. Well known for their eroge and nukige content, Softhouse Seal welcomes us all to become honorary guests of Se-rua Academy.

Se-rua Academy follows Yosuke Ichinose for a week as he hosts a festival of epic proportions, set at Se-rua Academy for “special” students. Not only are the attendees book smart, they are also gifted in the extra curricular sense. Throw in the fact that they are hot as Arizona in the summer and it’s enough to have you second guessing that Harvard degree you’ve been eyeballing. Se-rua’s Academy of Horny, Willing Manga Girls > Harvard.

As top-ranked student council president, Yosuke has some big britches to fill, literally and otherwise. Luckily for him, he has the confidence of his benefactor and superior, Ms. Matsunaga, who is completely on board with his Creampie Festival. You can probably imagine what a festival of this type would entail, and I’m willing to bet if colleges adopted this style of student “bonding” there would be a shit-ton of people earning degrees.

This is sort of an RPG style game, as you can choose which area of the festival you’d like to visit. I chose the “Darkroom” first, which didn’t disappoint. There are quite a lot of things to do in this game which makes it ideal for anyone who enjoys getting fully immersed in gameplay.

What makes this game even better is that it has multiple endings which are influenced by the choices Yosuke makes throughout the festival. This vastly increases replay value, getting you more bang for your buck, literally. Beginner friendly, yet complex with ridiculously hot sex scenes, made better by the creators vivid imaginations and top-notch artwork. Another big highlight is the dynamic between Yosuke and the supporting characters, namely Suzuka and the odd office assistant, Sango.

Without spoiling the ending/s, I will say, having completed the game will only make you want to replay from the beginning, which is pretty impressive. This is a wonderfully unique, sexy experience, and we’re happy to be able to bring it to you.


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