Trials in Tainted Space
Fenoxo, the creator behind Corruptions of Champions, brings his wildly successfully adult game Trials in Tainted Space to the MiKandi Adult App Store. Boasting a unique combination of text adventure and RPG mechanics, Trials in Tainted Space features two full worlds, a thousand interactions, customizable characters, a diverse perk system, battles, sex scenes, and more.

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Players are able to build a fully personalized character, customizing every detail from physical and mental attributes, to personality traits, to even virility and fertility. The player must use their survival skills, wits, and sexual prowess as they embark on an intergalactic journey, plundering the mysteries of the universe.

Trials in Tainted Space found incredible success in crowd-funding, surpassing its fundraising goal of $10,000 by 1937% The campaign was featured on the adult-friendly crowd-funding network Offbeatr, where thousands of devoted fans donated nearly $200,000 to see the project come to fruition.

“Fenoxo’s exotic take on adult RPG and adventure gaming is incredibly rich and in-depth,” said MiKandi CEO Jesse Adams. “And the tremendous fan response proves that there is huge pent up demand for quality adult games with substance and personality. We’re excited to help bring Trials in Tainted Space into the mobile realm.”

We caught up with Fenoxo to learn more about Trials in Tainted Space and his plans for Android adult games.


What are some of the highlights of Trials in Tainted Space?
I would say the biggest highlight of Trials in Tainted Space is the sheer variety of character customization that can be accomplished. You can make a burly body builder, a busty bimbo, and or anything in between. You could grow a trio of alien vaginas and have a tentacle tipped with another one growing out of your spine. The game is built to handle it and summon up appropriate, dynamic descriptions of your character in scenes where needed, and that’s all built on top of a turn-based, classic RPG-style engine.

What can fans expect from the Android version?
A full port of the current public version of the PC game. It requires Adobe Air to run at present, but I’ll look into getting a standalone version soon-ish. The only features really lacking are tooltips – there isn’t really a good mouse-over equivalent on tablets, so they don’t quite work right.

How large is the Trials in Tainted Space world now? What are your favorite species in the game?
The game is currently spread across two full worlds and a small-ish space station, as well as a stub for a third world. There’s hundreds of pages of interactions to be explored, but at a guess I would think we’re over 1000 at this point. Kelly’s interactions alone were over 100 pages long before coding. A third planet is being worked on at the moment, full of promiscuous cow-girls. As for a favorite species, I’d have to go with the Venus Pitchers. There’s something to be said for cute plant-girls.

Any other Android games coming soon?
I’m considering attempting to submit my previous game, Corruption of Champions to the store as well.

  • Trials in Tainted Space mobile app is available now on Android tablets for only 400 MiKandi Gold ($4.00 USD) in the MiKandi Adult App Store (



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