‘Tis the season to get sexy (safely, of course)! With all the excitement that often accompanies the new year, it can be hard to keep our minds on things like safe sex and safety. Luckily, there are tons of adult apps out there that can worry about that for you.

But first things first…

Get Tested!

The best way to prepare yourself for a new year of sexy interactions, is by creating the peace of mind that accompanies knowing your’e in the clear. Below are apps that not only display testing sites near you (including free walk-in clinics), but also some that even do the testing for you, all from the comfort of your phone (and occasionally, with the help of a mail-in kit).

STD Triage – Take pictures of skin related symptoms, and get an analyses from an expert in hours!

Planned Parenthood – Get tested for chlamydia and gonorrhea, from the comfort of home.

HIV Testing Sites & Care Services Locator – Find HIV testing and care services in the US.

HIV Test Finder – Find HIV testing and care services in the UK.


Keep Track of your STI/STD Status

Now that you’ve done the responsible thing and gotten tested (ahem), get those results in a place you can actually use them, on your phone! While we all (ideally) aspire to be as safe as possible when it comes to sex, sometimes things happen that get in the way of our preparations (yes, we adults prepare for sex). Sharing test results with potential partners can sometimes be the make it or break it point leading up to a sexual encounter, particularly if (for whatever reason) limited protection is available.

And even if protection is available (as it should be), who wouldn’t want the sense of security that comes with seeing a partner’s test results?

Healthvana – Formerly Hula, this app pulls test results from medical records so that you can share your results with different providers, as well as with potential partners.

MedXCom – MedXCom’s MedXSafe feature is specifically for viewing STI/STD test results. MedXSafe allows users to share their status (STI/STD Free or Positive), but not specific test results. It doesn’t pull from medical records, but rather has doctors sign off on your status.

Ask your health care provider if their office utilizes a different patient portal, many of those available have corresponding apps.


Stay Protected and Prevent Pregnancy

Whether you’re using contraception or a natural method (such as ovulation tracking), these apps will help keep you on track in 2016.

Nurx – Nurx is currently available to California residents who are either already on birth control or looking to start using it. Birth control is prescribed to users directly through the app, and is free if you have insurance! If you’re not insured, costs start at $15 per pill pack. Did I mention free delivery?

NYC Condom Finder – Condoms are one of the biggest preventers of the spread of STI’s and STD’s. And in certain parts of the country, you can access them for free. This particular app will help you find condoms in New York City.

iCondom Philly – iCondom Philly provides you with access to free condoms in Philadelphia by means of pinpointing distributors on a map.

iCondom Coventry – Not in the US? No worries, iCondom works in England too.

myPill – For those already on the pill who might need a little help remembering when to take it, myPill helps your contraceptive be as effective as it can. Its calendar shows you what day you’re on (no day-of-the-week stickers needed), and reminds you when it’s time to take the pill or get a refill.

OvuView – If your choice of birth control is in line with the calendar method, OvuView can help you tremendously with its symptom tracking features. Record body temperature, cervical mucus, and other crucial signs that determine where you’re at in your cycle. (Also works with the pill.)

Be Informed

STDiQ – Find out what the symptoms of STI’s and STD’s are before contracting.

SexPositive – SexPositive is essentially a university affiliated version of STDiQ. The app was developed by the University of Oregon, however, anyone can use it.


Stay Secure, and Report Consent Violations

Ever fear the walk home after a romantic or sexual interaction gone wrong or felt at risk on a date? Many of these apps use location services to help authorities and loved ones pinpoint you on a map, and others allow you to help keep its users safe by alerting them of dangerous areas, or areas where you feel uncomfortable.

Companion – Invite friends and family to virtually accompany you on your walk home. If something goes wrong, either the authorities (including campus security) or your chosen contacts (or both) will be alerted and sent your location.

Watch Over Me – True to the app’s namesake, Watch Over Me truly keeps an eye on its users. It alerts you when you enter a high crime area, and records video, contacts authorities, and sends out your location all with the shake of your device (even if it’s locked).

bSafe – This app functions similarly to Companion, with the added feature of “Fake Call,” a tool that saves you from awkward or potentially dangerous interactions. bSafe is available in various regions of the world, including the US and the UK.

SafeTrek – SafeTrek’s mechanics are simple; hold down a button on your screen when you’re in a risky environment, and release it to enter your four digit pin when you feel safe. If contact with the button is lost and no pin is entered (in cases when your phone is seized from you, for example), authorities will be notified immediately.

OnWatchOnCampus – This app was developed as part of a government run effort to enhance security across colleges in the US (particularly as it pertains to preventing sexual abuse). OnWatch works with university security to keep you safe while walking across campus.

circleof6 – Winner of The White House “Apps Against Abuse” tech challenge, circleof6 operates similarly to Companion, but has university affiliated options for students.

Hollaback – Ever feel hopeless in a street harassment or catcalling situation? Now you can report where such incidents occur, and include details that will protect and empower other potential victims.

Callisto – Currently only available at select colleges, Callisto is an app for reporting sexual assault in university settings. But they’re expanding, and you can suggest for your university to have access to the app here.

Stay safe and have fun this new year!


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