Here at MiKandi, I have the privilege of seeing just about everything that comes through our doors. To start the New Year off right, I’ve composed a simple list of our most popular adult apps and games to get you started. Maybe you’re new to MiKandi, or maybe you just want to revamp your app list.

Fear not, I’m here to help… you fap:)

5 – Trials in Tainted Space

Fenoxo’s wildly successful adult RPG-style text adventure game, Trials in Tainted Space, has been on MiKandi for years, and has showed no signs of slowing down. Regular updates and a rich, fully customizable experience has kept fans cumming back for more, year after year.


4 – BoobRun

This hilariously sexy Jump’ N’ Run adult game by BoobLabs features the ample-breasted Boobarella, and an ensemble of horny aliens and sci-fi monsters dying to get a tentacle in(if you catch my drift). The eye-pleasing 2D/3D graphics and customizable character have garnered a whopping 58 5-star reviews and counting.

3 – Neva

This amazing 3D-animated adult app by Virtual Lust is a nod to exciting things to come in the sex-tech space. Hailed by users as “The best game in it’s category”, Neva has remained a fan-favorite since her debut on MiKandi. The trailer speaks for itself.

2 – Fap Ninja

fap-ninja-featured Straight from our own MiKandi Game Studio, Fap Ninja is playable on both Android and the web. This super fast-paced, tap-to-fap hentai game for adults is the most downloaded game on MiKandi. With 196 5-star reviews, Fap Ninja has cemented her place in our hearts and loins as sexjutsu master supreme. Help Miss Ninja achieve orgasm through 25+ mini-games featuring original, exclusive hentai artwork with the help of her octo-pet, Tenta(aka Tiny Erotic Ninja Tentacle Assistant). YouTube sensation DasDragon even took the time to provide his hilarious viewpoint *bro fist*

1 – Stroker@ZuZu

This sexy interactive Adult App features Zuzu, the candy girl by 3DGSpot. Top notch animations paired with the vibrant personality of Miss ZuZu are a match made in Fap-worthy heaven. With over 1500 downloads, this 3D adult game is a perfect addition to your collection.

There you have it MiKandi Fans. Whether you’re clueless about where to start, or over due for an overhaul, these adult apps are a great way to get your feet wet(or whatever appendage you prefer). We have a little bit of everything here on MiKandi, so if this list doesn’t do it for you, Tweet us for more recommendations!



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