We all know mojo ebbs and flows. Some days you’re on fire, while others leave you feeling meh. But what should you do when you feel you’re beyond just an off day or week, and officially in a sexual rut? Last week, AskMen.com shared their favorite adult apps to help you get your groove back. As the world’s first and largest adult app store, we have the inside scoop on the latest adult apps. Here’s are more adult apps we think you should check out in addition to AskMen.com‘s list.

Love Party

Love Party Adult App

Want to rekindle your bedroom romance? Or just have some fun by spicing up your sex life? Love Party is the adult app you want to put el pasión back into your lovemaking. This sexually driven board game is great for couples, friends, acquaintances…  ah hell, even those randoms!

SEX Champions


Bedchamps is a sex-tracking app, for those of you who are really into data. Set the app to “go” before you get down and it will record your activity, noise, duration, and score. For those of you with a competitive streak, Bedchamps lets you compare your score to other users but if you’re just interested in keeping track of each sexual experience – and possibly learning from them in the meantime – this adult app is great for that too.



CALLING ALL KINKSTERS: If the words latex, fetish, BDSM, or something of that ilk appeal to you, then FetLife for Android is a must-have. FetLife is a thriving, safe, and healthy social network for the BDSM and fetish community. This is a fantastic app and community for you to be involved with if you want to explore your kink.

  • Download Fetlife from the MiKandi Adult App Store ($1.99)



The Literotica app gets straight to the point with minimal graphic design and loads of titillating erotic stories. With over a library of over 250,000 erotic stories to choose from, you’re bound to find something that gets your motor revving. This is hands-down my absolute favorite erotic community online. If words turn you on, do yourself and your partner a favor and get this app.

  • Download Literotica from the MiKandi Adult App Store (free)


DOWN app

While Tinder and similar services market themselves as dating apps helping you find true love, DOWN has absolutely no qualms calling it what it is- an app turns friends to fuck buddies. DOWN takes the shame out of casual sex for those who are into it. If you’re interested in more than sex, you can indicate that you’re looking for a relationship. Founder Colin Hodge stresses that ultimately DOWN is about helping adult be straight forward with their dating life.


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