I’m very excited to announce six new free lewd art books available in MiKandi! Joining MiKandi are erotic artists Rino99, Pop Lee X, Jacqli, Tiki-san, and Temix. Download these art books in the MiKandi Adult App Store or click on an image below to learn more!

6The Art of Rino99

A collection of lewd art work from the talented Rino99. Rino99 is the grand prize winner of MiKandi’s Tap Tap Fap! Adult Game Art contest.  The winning entry and Rino99’s second entry, Sunset Overfuck, can be found in our free artbook.

5Art of Pop Lee X

Enjoy the erotic work of Pop Lee in this art book. Pop Lee’s work has been featured in some of the best adult comics, and is a winner in MiKandi’s Tap Tap Fap! Adult Game Cover contest for Best Original Game Cover.

4Jacqli Art Book

Free art book by Jacqli, filled with hentai hotties, futa babes, fantasy girls, and more.

3Fantasy Artbook by Tiki-san

A fantasy world filled with fairies, goblins, elves and more brought to you by Tiki-san. Tiki-san won honorable mention in MiKandi’s Tap Tap Fap Adult Game Art contest for ‘Fungeons and Tentacles.’

2World of Lustcraft

Enter the wild world of lust and war, created by erotic artist Tiki-san. Your favorite WoW characters act out every fantasy in this art book.

1Erotic Art Book by Temix

An erotic art book from lewd artist Temix. This art book contains 40 full color pages, including Temix’s submission to MiKandi’s Tap Tap Fap Adult Game Art contest.


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