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Last week, I talked about the shitty things that shitty humans can sometimes do to other people – namely, steal their intimate photos and blast them all over the internet. We had a little discussion about ways to protect yourself from hackers but the question of protecting yourself from former intimate partners was left up in the air.

How can you prevent those invasions of privacy; those ones that come from the most painful place – someone you used to love.

Like I said before and will say again: I’m not going to tell you not to take sexy pics if that’s what you’re into. What I will tell you is to check out the app Disckreet, which makes it so you can only access those private moments when both you and your partner enter your passcodes.

Currently only available for iOs (although they’re currently working on an Android app – stay tuned for that one!) Disckreet allows couples to record intimate moments without the fear of stolen phones, hacked clouds, or nasty breakups. Founder Antony Burrows came up with the idea after reading an article about celebrity sex tapes.

“Readers were asked if they had considered making a tape,” he explained. “And the majority of responses were from females admitting that they wanted to try, but were too afraid.”

Antony realized that this was a problem he could solve by requiring two separate passcodes be entered on both phones any time the app is accessed. It also stores the encrypted files on the phone, which means there’s no iCould hacking to worry about.

Now this, of course, brings up its own issues. What about couples who are long distance, a group that is undeniably a huge part of the market for services like these? What if you hand over your passcode to your partner and then break up? What if one half of the couple decides to screenshot it and share it online anyway?

Antony assured me that the app is in its early stages yet and that they have “plans to develop” new features that address all of these issues. Realistically, sharing passcodes would take care of the long-distance issue and while that obviously eliminates the number one form of security, you can always change it immediately after a break up.

Disckreet is a technological solution to a very human problem – the shame that our culture has built up around sex, a shame that companies like MakeLoveNotPorn and MiKandi are working at slowly chipping away. MLNP founder Cindy Gallop has said time and time again that she’s working on building a world where “nobody should ever have to be ashamed or embarrassed ever again about having a naked photograph or sex tape posted on the internet because it’s simply just a natural human part of who we all are.”

Until Cindy’s world becomes a reality, you might want to consider downloading Disckreet for you and your partner. And if you’re dating someone who would put your personal photos online without your consent while you’re still together? Sorry, you’ve got bigger problems than an app can solve.

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