Halloween is just around the corner…

and you know what that means… it’s time for revealing costumes, alcohol-fueled debauchery, and the inevitable self-loathing after that delicious Reese’s binge (worth it).

Halloween is also the time of year we gather up MiKandi’s most wanted adult apps, and games. This year is especially exciting because with the addition of our new web games portal there is even more hot content to choose from. We have a bunch of PC games, which means you can get in the action too, no Android needed.

Without further ado, I present MiKandi’s sexiest adult apps, games, and comics, in no particular order.

Rottytops’ Raunchy Romp XXX Parody- Part 1

Rottytops has some naughty midnight fun in this interactive XXX parody animation! Being a side character can get a little stale sometimes, so Rottytops and some friendly creatures of the night take it upon themselves to find entertainment. Join our favorite undead cutie pie as she engages in a mutually beneficial masturbation session in a fully voiced, interactive sexy sequence!

Dark Alley Elf

A lewd, uncensored, ass-kicking adventure for PC. Play as Francesca the dark elf as she, on a bet, travels the city to find willing men to pay for her services! Fight off thugs and other strange creatures in this sexy action platformer!

Love Witches

History is told from the face of a tentacle, who has to survive in a world hostile to him. But he is rescued by a chance encounter with two beautiful witches. Will he accept the offer from them or will he remain alone? Featuring three different endings and more than 15 uncensored scenes!

Monster Girl VR: Arachne 

Scratch your spooky VR itch with this cute, yet terrifying spider girl. Find yourself alone in a cave and stuck in a web, Arachne is free to do what ever she wants to you before she makes you her next meal!

Lusty Loop #1- Risky Boots XXX Parody

Another awesomely sexy animation from Lusty Lizard. In this first Lusty Loop XXX parody animation, a brazen tinkerbat dares to defile Risky Boots’ buxom bosom with a titty fuck! Touch the icons to change speed and cosmetic options before unloading a mutinous facial! Lusty Loops are smaller, bite sized Lusty Lizard creations where the featured character is voted on by my Patreon community. Enjoy!

3D VR Hentai Halloween LWP

Trick or treat! Have a memorable Halloween with a fully customizable Izumi. Customize her bust size and dress her up in your choice of costume; Witch, Demon or Vampire. Pick and choose your perfect Halloween live wallpaper. Izumi will be your queen of darkness!


Flambeau is a sexy thicc candle girl who needs souls to reach a peak of pleasure. A trap is set in her mansion, candy is placed and she is oozing with excitement. The mansion is filled to the brim with treaters wanting that sweet reward. It’s your job to make sure they spend the rest of their afterlife enjoying the nectar of Flambeau’s body. As you harvest souls you unlock lewd cards you can finger through. Adventures of Flambeau captured in a collector set. Get more souls than needed and prepare to visit her bedroom!

There you have it, folks. MiKandi has a little of everything this Halloween, from magic spells to sensual wax honeys. So be sure to comment your favorite below. Looking for something else? Tweet us @MiKandiStore and we will be happy to help!

From all of us here at MiKandi, have a safe and sexy Halloween!

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