I wasn’t aware of how much I was missing an electric dick in my life, until now. Thank you, Class Comics, for enlightening me. The first installment of Naked Justice, an adult comic featuring art by Shemyaza and Jacob Mott, chronicles a young Felix as he is endowed (haha) with a powerful, yet isolating super power.


Unable to control his powerful penis, Felix remains alone, and horny. Rough life, eh? Things get pretty exciting for Felix when double-dicked tri-pods attack London, and the Unrivaled Alliance cums to save the day. But can they? And at what cost? The team is willing to risk life and limb (cock) to save the planet, but are they powerful enough to defeat these strange intruders bestowed with green peen?

If you’ve read some of this series but are still in the dark about where Felix got his powers, you should definitely read up. If you’re a total newb this is a *great* place to start. The art work is dazzling, and the story is captivating. Even for a straight woman. The men are hot, they fight crime, and have massive cocks, (hashtag winning). Lots of drama, action, and an extremely interesting backstory on Felix himself. 5 stars and I am definitely looking forward to reading the rest of the mini- series. Join the alliance and get this amazing comic on MiKandi!


Get Naked Justice Beginnings #1 in MiKandi (475 Gold)



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